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TRESPASS - In Haze Of Time
1. Creatures Of The Night 8:29
2. In Haze Of Time 6:53
3. Gate 15 7:19
4. City Lights 5:10
5. Orpheus Suite 5:42
6. Troya 5:24
7. The Mad House Blues 5:18

2002 Musea Records
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A ProgRock trio from Jerusalem, Israel, what can you expect? Well, one thing's for sure: if you weren't convinced that one can also make music over there, you are now!
The opening-song "Creatures Of The Night" is an example of the talents the three are gifted with: difficult measures, jazz and classical influences and in total control with their instruments. An up-tempo song, almost an homage to some Classic Rock-legends from the 70's!
"In Haze Of Time" shows the folk-past of keyboardplayer Gil Stein, with some mediaeval parts as well. It gives a bit of peace after the speedy "Creatures".
In for a little jazz-rock? "Gate 15" will take you on that plane.
Properly speaking "City Lights" is, in their own words, "an urban daze", but that's the one song that doesn't quite appeal to me. However, "Orpheus Suite" brings back the classical and mediaeval sounds, and that sounds fresh again. How would the first and third part sound on a real church-organ? Maybe a challenge for a future project?
"Troya" is a nice, fast instrumental about the famous ancient legend, and you can almost hear the horse roll in the city!
To end with "Mad House Blues": A fast blues, but I prefer to play it on a real (grand) piano instead of a synth, for the "fatter" sound that can be reached when recorded, but that's a pure personal taste!

Gil Stein rushes over the keys like a wizard, and together with the rhythm-tandem Gabriel Weissman (drums) and Roy Bar-tour (bass), Trespass makes a solid impression. "In Haze Of Time" is a good album that will make you listen over and over again, because there's a lot of quality in it!

Review by: Clemens Steenweg, January 2003

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